XHTML validation errors

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i get:  Line 22 column 14: there is no attribute "width".
                <td width="18%" align="right">
when i try to validate my page on w3c... but i can't figure out a way
to replace the width attribute. Can someone suggest something? I need
to keep the width to 18% of the table so that the information on the
left column doesn't jump on the next line in every td if its less than

Re: XHTML validation errors

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You could use CSS

in your style sheet;


in your HTML

<TD class="anything">


Re: XHTML validation errors

thank you

Re: XHTML validation errors

None wrote:
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No, because you didn't give us a URL to the page (which also means you
just dived in and posted here without reading any of the newsgroup

Without a URL we don't know what doctype you're using. At a guess
you're using a Strict doctype which doesn't support width.  Either
switch to a transitional doctype or (better) use CSS to set the width

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