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Inside a html page (more precicesly inside a JSP page) I defined a button.
When the user clicks this button a second browser window should pop up und load
the passed
URL. I coded

<img src="mybutton.gif" onclick='" ", "Mytitle);'>

However when I click on the button (under Win2000 + IE5.5) no window pops up.


Are there other ways to get a new browser window?


Re: does not work

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
load the passed
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

(that was confusing, wondered why my post went...ended up in c.l.javascript.
Reposted here.)

Hello Wladi

[1] I was looking for a button, but no - you've defined a graphic/image on
the page, not a button. Pedantic arent I?!

[2] Without going any further on whether this is valid or should work or
whatever - purely a first-look the code syntax - shouldn't there be an end
speechmark after Mytitle (as you have started an opening speechmark)?

[3] You'd best search the previous threads on this newsgroup; you'll see how
much people hate that being forced on them.

Group: dont want to hijack Wladi's thread (but is probably relevant to his
question [3]) I totally agree with all what's been said in the past, dont
like suddenly being in a new window and having to manage it, but what are
thoughts on entering a web "application" ie interactive application not
static pages. An example go to and click on "Login" - how
would what happens there be better? Stay in the same window and keep links
within the 'application' part back to the 'launching static page' part?
(which sounds ok to me). Same for internet banking
( and click 'start netbank', similar stuff.


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