Wierd space in IE

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I created a webpage, which is based on XHTML and CSS (valid). When I
watch it in an Browser like Netscape or Safari, everything is fine. In
other Browsers, there are problems.
In IE/Windows:
- The Navigationbar is no more connected to the top picture. Why?
- In the Navigationmenu on the left, presumably the active anchor has
another background. Why?

In Opera(Mac and Win(?)):
- Doesn't understand the z-index tags, so the Navigationmenu on the left
is not clickable. Why?

These errors occured when I was testing the page. Perhaps there are even

So, if anyone is willing to look at my code, you could have a look at
http://www.hoerterer.de/pofi/uni/spanisch /

Perhaps someone has a clue, how to solve these problems.

I'm looking forward to your advice.

cu Christoph

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