why IE 7 will be outdated

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anyone have perhaps a nice link expaining (best: for not advanced users)
why Internet Explorer 7 is outdated as well as 5,6, and others, and why
switching to normal browsers like Opera/FireFox/Mozilla/Netscape/etc is a
good idea?

Rafa³ Maj

Re: why IE 7 will be outdated

Raf256 wrote :
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MSIE 5.01 and MSIE 5.5 are IE versions which are, in my opinion, clearly
outdated, definitely buggy, with wrong/bad implementation and
disconnected from widely supported web standards. MSIE 5.x for Mac is no
longer supported. MSIE 5.x represents now less than 5% worldwide of the
browser market and such figure will diminish with time as users
naturally upgrade their system and their browser.

MSIE 6 is better than MSIE 5.5 but marginally.

MSIE 6 bug collections sites listing hundreds of bugs, incorrect
implementations and missing features:

     *  HTML 4.01 conformance tests by Robin Lionheart

     * Collections of CSS 1 bugs, CSS 2.1 bugs and CSS support for MSIE
6 at channel9

     * MSIE 6 Crash bugs, MSIE 6 programming bugs, MSIE 6 DOM bugs at
channel 9

     * Explorer exposed by Holly and John (position is everything)

     * MSIE 6 web standards violations by Holly and John (position is

     * MSIE 6 Standards Support and related bugs at channel 9

     * 102 bugs reported regarding MSIE 6 at Peter-Paul Koch site
http://www.quirksmode.org/bugreports/archives/explorer_windows /

     * Hixie's evil CSS testcases by Ian Hickson

     * Wrong z-index implementation bugs by Aleksandar Vaciæ

     *  Draft CSS 2 Test Suite at
http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/css/tests/css2/index.html and the results
for MSIE 6 at http://www.designdetector.com/articles/results.html

MSIE 7 is still in beta: so, in all fairness, it's obviously too early
to claim that IE 7 is outdated.

"In IE7, we will fix as many of the worst bugs that web developers hit
as we can, and we will add the critical most-requested features from the
standards as well." July 29th 2005

IE 7 will have tab-browsing feature, will have anti-phishing features,
better security, a lot of CSS1 and CSS2.1 bug fixes, a stricter CSS
parser, etc..

IE 7 beta 2 is supposed to be released in 1st quarter of 2006 according
to IE7 blog.

But already, you can be sure of several points, as these were officially
announced by Chris Wilson:
- MSIE 7 final release will not pass webstandards.org's acid2 test
- MSIE 7 final release will not be available for Windows 2000, ME and
Windows 98 (which represent approx. roughly 40% of the current Windows
- MSIE 7 final release will not support "application/xml+xhtml" MIME type
- MSIE 7 final release will not fully comply with HTML 4.01 regarding
its implementation of <object>

For many reasons, I believe MSIE 7 final release will still be behind
other browsers (Firefox 1.5, Opera 9, Safari 2.x) support for CSS
(including CSS3), DOM 2 support (possibly Events interface and other
interfaces) and possibly accessibility features.

In all fairness, it is too premature to claim that MSIE 7 will be
surpassed by other browsers but, at least in some particular areas, it
will be lagging behind other browsers.

and why
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One reason why you should switch which I think is a crushing reason:
Microsoft did nothing, absolutely nothing between September 2001 and
June 2004 to improve MSIE 6, to correct/fix bugs in MSIE 6, to improve
MSIE 6 implementations, to increase support/features/web standards
overall. No one at Microsoft can argue with this. Microsoft started to
"care about" IE only after it became utterly clear that Firefox browser
was going to become a success.

During all that time, Safari, Opera and Mozilla browsers were improved,
corrected, etc.. And these browser manufacturers always had 1,000 to
10,000 times less resources (financial, human, technical,
organizational) than Microsoft resources.


Re: why IE 7 will be outdated

To put it all extremely simple, they just work better.  Nothing against
Microsoft, but its time for them to realize that too.

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