Why does IE not load page fully?

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Hi all, new to the group, and hoping to learn more (the more ye know
the less ye really know)

I hope I explain myself well enough here to get your help and advice.

Ok on this site below I have attempted to get to grips with DIVs and
CSS a little bit more. My theory was to bring up to some modern
compatability /standrds the design and clean it up by using CSS and
divs - as you do ...

towelsrus.co.uk - clients site so don't order unless you want them.

all is fine and seems ok in firefox (needless to say) and dare I say it
IE when it works (opera and the rest also seem fine but may be wrong...

Ok, getting to the point - many times in IE 5> it will only load part
of the page or simply not load the images. I have read recently about
the div background image flicker problem with IE, and wondered if you
chaps could shed some light on this problem and if you think it might
be down to this, or really anything else you can find.

A lot of the users seem to stick on checkout page 2 - I realy don't
know why - code seems clean and error free, so does any javascript that
I had (removed to see if that was cause) - so you guys and grils are my
last hope - all "grown up" responses welcome.

Any ego-boosters won't be given the time of day - this is my work and
hobby and I have no time or energy for childish attitudes and responses
- you know who you are ;) - to the rest -thank you for your time and

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

easygoin.net wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I still see layout by tables.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

http://towelsrus.co.uk/ Please make it a clickable link.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

All is not fine.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

1. Minuscule font size. Use percentages:  font-size: 100%;
2. Pale grey text on white is nearly unreadable.
3. For new documents, use a Strict doctype.
4. No background color so I see my ugly aqua color everywhere except
in the content.
5. Looks like your attempting to feed keywords in the content, instead
of writing .. real content. Not only could that tip off Google to
ignore you, it is confusing to your human visitors.
6. Dreamweaver?

I do see what I guess are all your images in both FF and IE6.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

"Failed validation, 61 errors"

Several errors.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So we can't tell you it sucks?

My interpretation of "clean code" is something easy to read when I
select View Source. Yours is certainly not easy to read, highly
compressed, and with some lines a couple meters long ...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

By stating that, you will probably encourage some of those to
respond...  :-)

    -This space intentionally left blank.

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

On 7 Sep 2005 08:28:50 -0700, easygoin.net wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Then it might be an idea to run the pages through the W3c validator don't
you think?

I looked at the front page (failed validation with 61 errors) and at random
picked the football page (failed with 110 errors!), sorting out this might
go some way to fixing any problem with any specific browser. Your css is no

BTW the drop down menu for "Towels" is screwed in my browser, Firefox,
there appears to be 2 random words over lapping some of the text. Not there
in IE but it took three attempts to get it to load at all in that, first
time I've ever seen "Operation aborted" error message!

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

On Wed, 7 Sep 2005, easygoin.net wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That's great.  You can't even be bothered to write valid code for what you
say is your work *and* your hobby, and (if I grasp your meaning) you don't
want to be told about it.

Excellent move.  Your fast-track into the killfile of anyone who could
seriously help you seems to be pretty much assured.  Good luck with the

Oh, and welcome to usenet.

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

Hello Arrogant Alan, haven't seen your posts for a while -
uk.net.web.authoring - remember.

Ok maybee I should explain (btw thanks for your comments - many I know
of already) the system I have to work "around" is JShop shopping cart
so many aspects, shall we say of the cart I cannot change and are
within the systems code (Gareth the main developer states they are
attempting to get it into some form of compliance etc) so I am limited
as to what I can achieve - but you are absolutely right - haven't gone
through the w3c yet ! but will do and correct as many spects as I
possibly can - but as you say its quite messy with the limitations /
tables I have to use/keep - at least the html code I can structure

Strict doctype - yep good point - quite a few templates require
changing to include.

Keyword stuffing - almost :) - its readable and pertinent - just hidden
div as there is no text anywhere on the home page, but let me guess the
"well if you want text then show it and write it argument" - been there
and gone round the houses with this sort of argument - why not use
hidden divs with relevant content that can be shown and read by
visitors - this way I keep a clean graphical design on the page but
also allow anyone to read more and the bots to get something - couple
of noscripts on the page as well with the section or product name to
ensure its "got" by the bots. Ok I am still not happy with this method,
and debate it in my head every day, but always that fight between clean
design with graphics and no relevancy, and text stuffed and unread
(frequently ugly) pages that are relevant, but that look like ...
well... you know ;)

Hmmm - 61 on home page but 110 on footy product page - not good - I'll
have a good look and clean up.

I will waste my time just this once as I know of Alan from some time
ago - Alan just a word about your attitude as you probably don't want
to be told either with your arrogance leading your comments - I can be
bothered to write valid code, that's why I am asking (he was arrogant 3
years ago - he hasn't changed).

Please do tell me again - that's why I am asking - If I thought I was
that great I wouldn't type humbling comments and ask for advice Mr
Flavell, we can't all be as perfect as you ;) - Shagnasty - you were
right I did encourage them lol.

Rincewind - thanks also - the drop down :( asked by cleint to have that
I am afraid and I am no script monkey, again because it pulls from the
DB all the sections dynamically I had some script kiddie from Tigra
Menu integrate it with the backend DB - personally I am not a fan as
such - I like drop down navs, just not the messy code.

Also - could you help me with the css - i don't know where or what I
have done wrong here to get the constructive comment - your css is no
better - please shed light if you can, are there any IE fixes that need
inclusion, or is it that I am not combining some elements ?

Thanks chaps

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

Blimey - just went to the w3c validation - stupid errors - very stupid
of me.

Ok after all this time I need a new mantra - validate, then it's
completed ! - ho hum.

And, I have removed all noscript naughties, and the div layer on home
page - sod it, the content is good enough and should be the only
optimisation any site must create and have - at heart I am a purist
really ...honest.

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

On 8 Sep 2005 01:01:50 -0700, easygoin wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know how much money is made through this site, but as a user I
wouldn't be buying from it when I get an "Operation Aborted" error message
when trying to load the page, so I would say that it was fairly critical
that the page was made usable by the majority, "Attempting compliance"
really isn't good enough.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Same comments as above it really isn't good enough for a commercial site.
As I usually use FireFox I would look at this site *sigh* at the fact it
doesn't work, then wipe the dust of off IE, fire it up and come across the
"Operation Aborted" error message, how much further do you think I would go
as a consumer to buy the product?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Well it was constructive, in that it got you thinking about it. :-)
Nothing specific just that when I ran it through the CSS validator it
failed, albeit nowhere near as badly as the HTML. Only 4 errors!

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

Thanks rincewind - would you mind checking again on at least the home
page - you should only see the jshop string errors now.

also going through the sections and products code 0 yet again though I
have asked the developers to look at these "errors" and see what needs
to be done.

I don't fully understand the validation error for these strings - can
you shed some light on thse ? - read about ? and placement etc so I
guess its the format as such that needs to addressed

Don't know why you got op aborted - that's very strange - thanks for
coming back and reading my post - appreciated.

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

No worries - a little change to the system backend and its all
validated - now for the css :)

note to self - just got a little cleaning of tables left in system to
do .... product page!

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

On 8 Sep 2005 05:57:23 -0700, easygoin wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Has it cured the problems you were originally having with IE5>?

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

lol - that was the original plan - we shall see if they get any further
calls about page 2 in checkout - Ill post the result tomorrow after a
few orders ...so far so good - just go all the other templates to work
on - you know I was so busy designing the look and layout I left out
simple basic things like alt tags and enclosing quote marks on all
sorts "remember" "the" "quotes" ...thanks for asking ;)

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

easygoin wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Please read this:
http://www.safalra.com/special/googlegroupsreply /

or get yourself a proper news reader and server. Thanks.

    -This space intentionally left blank.

Re: Why does IE not load page fully?

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

No problem - understand.

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