who is the worst host on the internet?

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I'm in the process of leaving Lycos Europe web hosting. What a rubbish
company, please let people know the problems I have had if they planning on
joining. Also if you know of any others just as poor then let every body

Lycos Europe

Shared servers that have an average up time of 20 days (estimate). They will
remove your PHP scripts if they use too much CPU. They don't tell you that
they have removed them. They also alter the number of loops you can run in a
script with no warning. It often takes 40+ minutes for a phone call to be
answered, over 72 hours for an email and they sacked the support team who
know about HTML and PHP and swapped them for a team that can only do bills
and accounts! They cannot even do that right as they have failed to remove
by account after requesting to leave.

Re: who is the worst host on the internet?

Jemdam.com wrote:
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I believe Lycos may be a parent company that also has Tripod and
Angelfire in the US. In the US they have both free and pay accounts. If
you have a free account, I guess you do not have much leverage to
demand improved service. If you have a pay account, a host should be
more responsive. If not, there is a glut of web hosts around the world
and you likely can find many that offer what you want at a reasonable
price. It pays to shop around. You need not even confine yourself to a
host in your own country.

In the US, the free Tripod and Angelfire accounts are loaded with a
huge number of ads - in fact these often cause considerable slow down
for dialup users. They also load visiting browsers with plenty of
cookies. It seems that free hosts that provide good service are
becoming an endangered species. Do you have Geocities(owned by Yahoo)
where you live? Their free accounts have ads too, but I have not heard
as many complaints about them as for some of the other free hosts.

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