which font for music symbols?

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Hello, my amateur site is at http://indigo.ie/~gerrymcc .
I would like to use music symbols for flats and sharps in the course
of the text; in some browsers the font that I've specified appears to
be used, in that the accidentals do appear, but in other browsers I
get spurious glyphs.  Is there any way that I can be guaranteed to get
the desired music symbols to display?
Thank you,

Re: which font for music symbols?

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Nope.  Using graphics instead may help.
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Re: which font for music symbols?

gerrymcc@indigo.ie wrote:

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I don't see any attempt to use music symbols as characters there.
Instead, you are using small images - which is at present the practical
way, but naturally the images should have alt attributes that specify
textual alternatives, such as
<img src="semiB.gif" alt="semibreve">
or maybe even
<img src="semiB.gif" alt="semibreve" title=
 "semibreve (whole note) symbol, which is a small oval">

You _could_ present music symbols using character references like
&#119134;, see http://www.alanwood.net/unicode/musical_symbols.html
but actual support to them is _very_ limited.

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No, of course not. There is no way to guarantee that your document will
be presented in a visible form at all.

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