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Re: Which audio / video formats?

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Since Adobe Flash supports OSX, I guess it could be said that it does
in fact support some flavors of BSD?

This brings me to one of the issues I have with moving to a *NIX
platform.  ESPECIALLY one of the free open source ones. Since software
compiled on one flavor/brand of *NIX does not neseccerally run on a
different flavor/brand How in the world can you expect companies like
Adobe to support every flavor and brand of an OS?  It is jst not cost
effective for them to do so.  They have to look at the market place,
and decide which OSs have the best bang for the buck, and they support

Not to pick on Adobe, but if you are an Adobe Photoshop fan and run
LINUX, you are shit out of luck (I believe they have stopped
supporting most flavors of *NIX since version 3 or so?)  Adobe decided
that if you are going to buy their mega$$$ software, then you either
already own a computer  it will run on, or you can afford to buy

Their decision to do this does not seem to have hurt their standing in
the imaging industry. On the other side of the coin, they have decided
that supporting several flavors of *NIX with their Flash player is
worth it.  I am sure they have statistics and marketing experts locked
away in a small room making decisions about what OS to support with
what application.  And based on their standing in the industry, they
seem to be making some good decisions.  (YMMV)

Re: Which audio / video formats?

J.O. Aho wrote:

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It looks to me like there are plans to expand their UNIX support. There is
a beta that supports Solaris on x86 and Sparc. Surely more is on the way...

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Re: Which audio / video formats?

James Hutton wrote :
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You can improve your markup code with:

Embedding Flash While Supporting Standards by Drew McLellan, November 2002

Bye Bye Embed: Embedding a video by Elizabeth Castro, July 2006

Embedding Object with valid code by MediaWiki, March 2007

Embedding flash without <embed> by Ian "Hixie" Hickson, April 2004

however there are also several
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wmv has to be the worst format: it almost always implies you have to use
Windows Media Player.

and whether media should be
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Imposing your preference (the dictatorial way) is definitely not what a
wide majority of reasonable people would recommend, would propose.

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Choose .mp3, .mpg, .swf. Always identify content-type (content-type of
fetched resource by the link) in the code of links so that the browser
may best choose and start the correct plugin for the associated files.
Always identify the size of each file on the right of links so that way
the users can figure out on their own how much time the download can be.
Don't try to figure this out for them.
Identify your links with the type of needed media player. Overall, help
the users with useful, helpful info and give them freedom, latitude,
flexibility: e.g. don't auto-start streaming media, allow user control
buttons. Don't try to over-excessively control them.

Using Web Standards in your Web Pages (Updated Dec. 2006)

Re: Which audio / video formats?

Hi Guys,
just to put another video format ... ;-)
VideoVista www.vista.it



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