Where to after Exit/Quit/Logout?

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I have a form that I expect the user to update and press the "Submit"
button. I then tell the user the update is successful with some
additional text on the same form. I think it would be desirable to
have a second button that the user can press to indicate that they
have finished whether or not they completed the form.

What do you think should happen when they press that button? There is
no log in form and this is probably the first and only page they will
see on my site.

Re: Where to after Exit/Quit/Logout?

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I would send them to a confirmation page showing all that had been
submitted, and offer a way to make edits in case they made a mistake.

I would put a "finished" button on that confirmation page, and then
perhaps send them to an "exit" page, with links to other areas, or just a
plain "Thanks, have a nice day".
Adrienne Boswell
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Re: Where to after Exit/Quit/Logout?

david@segall.net says...
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I always follow it up with a Thank you page, with a link to the index

Re: Where to after Exit/Quit/Logout?

You may create something like "Guest Book" & when they're ready wit

submitting the required information you might send them to a pag
called somthg like "Please,write in my guest-book" or somthg lik
this.Take car

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