Where DO I put the image spacer for the menu to work?

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I am using a PNG files as a spcer (images/spacehwp.png) and this is also
a placement "anchor" for a menu (made with DHTML builder). It works fine
on the index page (http://www.henrywilsonphotographer.co.uk/test /)
because there is no thumbnail flash file. On the Weddings index page
(http://www.henrywilsonphotographer.co.uk/test/weddings/index.html ) I am
struggling to have the thumbnail flash file play correctly and
co-operate with the menu.
Where can I put the flash file in the html code so that I can retain the
same design layout for all the pages?
If you see
(http://www.henrywilsonphotographer.co.uk/test/portraits/index.html ) you
will get an idea of how I *want* the page layout to look with the
thumbnail viewer. The menu is missing which I want to add on, so it
looks in the same position as

If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong in the html code I would be
*really* grateful.

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