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I'm on disability and just recently got an opportunity to
supplement my income by doing a website (5-10 pages, and
server-side scripting to give them the capability to edit "news"
items and format mail sent from onsiet forms and low graphics,
which is good 'cause that ain't my forte).

I've got some experience doing business systems in the
more-or-less distant past (four years ago using Cold Fusion) but
I'll be doing this in PHP, which I'm still learning but I know
enough to do what they need.

I live on the east coast U.S. outside of Washington, DC.  What
are some of the ways I might charge for my services and what are
reasonable $ ranges in these ways for where I live?

If this is the wrong place to ask, can you suggest where I might
do so?



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Re: What to Charge

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Chicago area, should be relatively close in pricing:

I charge $495 for the first 3 static pages, $100 for each additional.  
Then I charge $75/hour for as long as it takes to build the database and
CMS using PHP - that could easily be another 20 - 30 hours.  Without
more specifics, for 10 pages this appears to be be a $3500+ job.

But the answer you'll get from the rest of us will be "charge whatever
you think your time is worth".

Re: What to Charge

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Right. Second that.

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Re: What to Charge


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Install something like phpBB first, then customise it. There's no
sense re-inventing from scratch.

Re: What to Charge

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Congrats on the potential project.

You might try calling around to local designers and asking what they would

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