What's wrong with my menus?

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I am making a small site in XHTML, using a external stylesheet.
In Opera, Mozilla and Galeon, the menus look as supposed, and I
got a small picture in the lower, left corner.

In Internet Explorer, the pages look like garbage.

What am I doing wrong? - Most of the site validates as
XHTML 1.1 strict, and the stylesheet is valid too.

Is there any way to tag XHTML 1.1 or 1.0 strict so that it is
valid, AND look decent in both Mozilla and IE?

The site is located at http://ketil.homeunix.net/logg /, the
problem is obvious even if the site is in Norwegian.

Sorry about crossposting, I posted a Norwegian version of this
message in no.alt.hjemmesider yesterday.

Re: What's wrong with my menus?

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "ketil V."

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IE doesn't support position:fixed.  You might want to try position:absolute
and define width for the .meny class as well. At least that way, the menu
will be the correct size, although it will scroll with the rest of the
content and not stay in place.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: What's wrong with my menus?

Adrienne wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

:-) - Thank you!

Do you (or somebody else reading this news) know of a refference telling
what CSS definitions and XHTML - tags IE is supporting ?

Re: What's wrong with my menus?

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There are various CSS charts but none are really up to date...

http://www.centricle.com/ref/css/filters /

I can't find any to do with XHTML

Kayode Okeyode

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