What's wrong with Frames?

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Using IE 5.5 (sp2) - no other browser support is required!

I have an app that use's tiles to load 7 jsp files in to various sections of
the page.

Because the whole page is refreshed I was thinking it would be better done
with Frames but seeing so many posts advising not to use them but no reasons

Can someone briefly state why not or perhaps direct me to a web site?



Re: What's wrong with Frames?

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Well simply, frames make it hard to book mark a site, and screw with your
"back and forwards" buttons in the browser. Search engines dont much like it
either. What if a use wants to bookmark a page, but to get to that page
they've had to work through a framed menu? When they hit the bookmark button
the *frameset* is bookmarked, not the page they want.

Search engines may "find" one of your content pages. A user clicks this link
from google but... where's your menu now? The individual page does not
contain the information to generate the frames, only the frameset page has

Frames *are* bad for most uses, but used carefully you can do some neat
things. Iframes are particuarly useful (more useful than regular frames
IMO). But they suffer the same issues.

Re: What's wrong with Frames?

Thanks for replying so quick - guess I'm better off sticking with Tiles!



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Re: What's wrong with Frames?

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Perhaps you've got some serious reading comprehension problems, because
pretty much any time David Dorward or Brucie respond to a frames question,
they post a series of links with all the reasons why you shouldn't use


Re: What's wrong with Frames?

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Not to open this one up again, but when I asked a similar question the
majority of responses were of the "frames are BAD, take my word for it"
school.  Some of the links given were just links to the same stuff in a web
format, though to their credit some were not, instead seeking to discuss the
issues that frames bring along.  I'm still plowing through some of them
inbetween getting the ADSL wiring done right on the top floor of the house
and otherwise supervising workmen who don't seem to want to finish their
respective jobs!

See the "Frames-Oriented Question" thread.

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