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Re: What's a good starter HTML Editor (Free?)

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Depends on your objectives.

If you want to learn HTML while building that webpage, Notepad would be just
fine, for it will allow you to concentrate on HTML rather than on user
interface of whatever you download
If you need to build a web page (not a website) quickly without wasting time
in learning HTML, then do it in Word (which I guess you have and know how to
use) and save as HTML. The code will look ugly inside but on the surface
everyhing will be reasonably fine.

Re: What's a good starter HTML Editor (Free?)


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Best to start by using Notepad and learning HTML for yourself. This will be a
far better education that allowing an HTML editor to create the page for you.


Re: What's a good starter HTML Editor (Free?)

Hi Ian

Please try out our freeware editor Namu6:  (it's for Windows and is in
beta now)


Ian wrote:
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Re: What's a good starter HTML Editor (Free?)

Support wrote:

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Ok I'll try it out.

Crikey I'm glad it's in beta.

First impression: a totally non-intuitive user interface. Does not look like
*any* other windows program I have. There is not even a menu. Windows users
*expect* certain things to be there, like the menu. It looks really odd
without one. How do I file>save?

The initial impression was also quite soured by the fact that this program
insists on opening itself full-screen. This is simply stupid on my system
(1600x1280x3), especially when it covers up all the other programs I have
open. Windows users *expect* programs to behave in certain ways. They
*expect* a program to open in the same position and dimension it was when it
was closed. Failing that they expect it to open at the windows defult
position. Opening full screen is considered rude.

Ok, I build a "web site". When I want to edit one of the pages I could not
figure out how to get the caret out of the heading element. I could not type
any content in. Oh well, lets just publish it and see what we have.

Oh My &Deity. This program *insists* on publishing to an FTP site. Even
Frontpage is better than that. I don't want to *upload* this test rubbish, I
want to simply view the source this program has produced. I wan't to
"publish" to my local file system.

Oh well, fires up an FTP server, pointed to a suitable folder, and a newbie
using this program as My First Editor is going to know how to
install/configure/run an FTP server? Not.

"permission denied". That's it. Nothing else, no explanation, just
"permission denied".

Ok, reconfigure the FTP information, maybe I misspelt the user name.

How? I can't find out how to do this. Ah, I just found out, it's options >
account. Bloody obvious really.

Still says "permission denied".

start>nemu6>uninstall - there, at least *that* was easy :-)


Re: What's a good starter HTML Editor (Free?)

I'm glad the uninstaller worked for you, at least we got one thing right :-)

Thanks for your comments, we will work to improve Namu6.

As for file>save, Namu6 uses auto save.



Re: What's a good starter HTML Editor (Free?)

Support wrote:

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Have not checked yet that it totally un-installed :-)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That in itself is bloody confusing.

Windows users are *used* to having to save things.

Present a user interface with no File>Save menu option and we feel lost. I
noticed this the first time I launched your program but dismissed it as
something I had not found yet. Imagine my surprise when on next launch all
the stuff I had to type into that <h2> was still there.

I know the above for a fact. I too (years ago, windows 3.1) omitted the save
function and did autosave. My users were so critical of this that I had to
re-introduce the standard save function.

There is also the other side of things: until I press save the changes I
have just made are not committed. I just might be playing around with stuff,
intending to discard the changes. If you auto save things then I would be
Really Upset to be not able to discard the changes. As a windows user I
*require* a conscious action to save my changes. (note: this is different to
emergency restart, where you surreptitiously secrete the current work and be
ready to pop it up again on restart after a crash).

It's all too confusing. And where is the save as? I use that all the time.

Visit microsoft.com. There are whole books on how to write windows user
interfaces. What you have done IMHO is re-invented the wheel, and made it
square :-)


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