What program to use?

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I have a need to do a regular conversion of about 20 HTML files that are
produced weekly, from one format to another, to make them display as I want.
I have been able to do this by using Batch Mode in the program "Advanced
Search and Replace", and creating a set of of matches and replacement
strings. Some of these involve quite a few lines of code.
However the program appears to have a bug preventing it from correctly
loading the match file.
Can anyone confirm that this pgm is faulty, or that it is not, and perhaps
suggest another suitable program that I can try.
I have tried "Search and Replace", but it does not appear to handle
multi-line strings.

Many thanks
Brian Tozer

Re: What program to use?

KiwiBrian wrote:

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Tried this one?  InfoRapid Search & Replace.  I don't know if it's *the*
"Search and Replace" to which you refer.  I used to use it.


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Re: What program to use?

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 17:49:49 +1200, KiwiBrian wrote:

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Download "sed" for Windows?

"sed" and "grep" are command-line tools for Unix, but learn them and they
should serve you very well in this sort of situation.

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Re: What program to use?

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Well, how about marking them up good and changing CSS.

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