What Kind of File is this?

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What is the .jhtml ?

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Re: What Kind of File is this?

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:48:14 -0400 Davmagic .Com posted:

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Mime-Type is text/html, encoding is reported as iso-8859-1. Both is part
of the http header generated by the web server. You can give any file
extension to any file. Some web servers treat files with certain
extensions differently (i.e. parse them, interpret some code before
delivering content to user agents). *.jhtml is used by ATG Dynamo a Java
based web server application, which's components are Java Beans and


Re: What Kind of File is this?

DLSD@webtv.net says...
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jhtml file is basically an HTML page with some
embedded Java source code inside special tags (similar to .jsp but
using different tag syntax).
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