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Re: What is XHTML?

 nobody@See.Comments.Header (Italy Anonymous Remailer) wrote:

[insulting rant snipped]

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Plonk you very much for a better insight in the darker places of English


Re: What is XHTML?

On 27 Feb 2004 20:40:30 -0000, nobody@See.Comments.Header (Italy
Anonymous Remailer) wrote:

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No it isn't. XML is a transport, XHTML is one schema that uses this
transport, much as HTML used a dumbed-down SGML.

XML and XHTML are in _no_ way comparable to each other - they address
different layers of the problem.

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In what way is XHTML a "mixture" of XML and HTML ?  XHTML _uses_ XML,
it doesn't overlap it in any way.

If we permit namespacing (which is admittedly problematic on the web)
then you can use XHTML with all the features of XML that you might
ever wish for.

I only bother posting this because it might spark an interesting
discussion with some people who are genuinely confused by XHTML. You
OTOH, are just being Loud, Confident and Wrong.

Smert' spamionam

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