What is up with fopen??? FOpen and local directories

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Ok, could anyone tell me why exactly guests.txt is opening in a higher
directory instead of the local directory?

    $filename = "guests.txt";
    $handle = fopen($filename, "r");

It opens the file, not in the current calling php file's directory,
but the directory above it...  What is going on?!?  So it creates the
file in c:\ instead of c:\phpfiles\ where the index.php file is
located (just for example).  Now, what is happening is you fill out a
form, use the data from the form to create a directory and output an
index.php file in that directory.  Then, from the index.php file
located in the newly created directory runs the above lines.  So why
is the index.php file from the new directory  opening the guests.txt
file in the upper directory where the form php file is stored instead
of the new index.php file in the deeper directory?  Did I lose
everyone like I have myself?  I have never been that good at
../names.txt etc and file locations and I can really use some help
please...  Do I need like a "../guests.txt" or ./guests.txt or
something?  I have a feeling it is something VERY stupid.   Please be
gentle... heh.



Also, the form.php creates the index.php file from two other files,
top and bottom.php (reads and outputs both to index.php).  I put in my
own stuff in between top and bottom and sandwich them all together in
index.php.  Index.php outputs correctly but will not open guests.txt
in the local newdirectory but in the root.  HEEELP!  : )

// I want this...
-  Root
-    form.php
-    top.php
-    bottom.php
-     NewDirectory
-        index.php   <-- file that tries to read guests.txt
-        guests.txt

// ...but I get this
-  Root
-    form.php
-    top.php
-    bottom.php
-     guests.txt
-     NewDirectory

SOLUTION FOUND: I am an idiot... Re: What is up with fopen??? FOpen and local directories

Not that you guys probably care, but yes, I am an idiot.  I knew it
would be simple.  The second form that reads and writes the guests.txt
file  posts to a file in the upper directory, not the local because
the post file RESIDES in the upper directory and not the local.  I
created a dynamic hidden form field with the current directory that
holds the index.php so then the post file can use the hidden field to
create the txt file in the index.php directory....  Been a long day.

Yes folks, I win the darwin award.  hehe....


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Re: SOLUTION FOUND: I am an idiot... Re: What is up with fopen??? FOpen and local directories

With neither quill nor qualm, Nonee quothed:

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Hey, anyone can make a simple mistake, but I've rarely heard it so
comprehensively described.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

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