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Hi all

I saw this code accidentally in some casino site.
What code is this what does it do?

<p align="left"> <csactions> <csaction name="18FD19529"
class="ShowHide" type="onevent" val0="fri" val1="0">
  <csaction name="195BD9735" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="thur" val1="0">
  <csaction name="195C48D37" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="wed" val1="0">
  <csaction name="195C81339" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="tue" val1="0">
  <csaction name="196359B41" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="fri" val1="1">
  <csaction name="19635A543" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="sat" val1="1">
  <csaction name="19672C945" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="sat" val1="0">
  <csaction name="19772A047" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="mon" val1="0">
  <csaction name="1979E9849" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="sun" val1="0">
  <csaction name="1980D7550" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="sun" val1="1">
  <csaction name="1987F2351" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="mon" val1="1">
  <csaction name="198CCDD52" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="tue" val1="1">
  <csaction name="1991C7853" class="ShowHide" type="onevent"
val0="wed" val1="1"></csactions><csscriptdict></csscriptdict>


Re: what is this

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They are tags that Adobe GoLive uses to manage Javascript or something.
Nothing uses them except GoLive, and they are evil evil evil.

Re: what is this

steve said...

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CSACTIONS etc. are all created by Adobe's GoLive editors. They have no
effect anywhere else. The CS refers to Adobe CyberStudio. In principle
CSACTION etc. work together with the CSOBJ element and some attributes
(data, target, h) in the body part of the document. Adobe create its
own code also to the element AREA (and presumably also to the element
A) element by adding csover/ csout attributes (the usage resemble to
use onMouseOver and onMouseOut attributes). There might be more
Adobe's GoLive specific elements and attributes, but because browsers
don't understand them, it is not important to know all possible
editor-specific attributes and elements.

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