What is this ?

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<meta NAME="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" CONTENT="TRUE">

Anyone know what this is ?

I am convinced I had filled in keywords in this metatag : <META
NAME="keywords" CONTENT="none">
and now I cannot overwite "none", am unable to save it.
I use Webber32, can it be that an update converted it and inserted this
"parsing  thing, does it have any relation to each other ???


Re: What is this ?

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Microsoft introduced (and the withdrew after some bad publicity) a
feature whereby advertisers could buy certain words in MS products.
Say that General Motors bought the word 'car', everytime 'car'
appeared in a web page displayed in IE that word would be a link to
the GM site. The above meta tag is tos top this behaviour, thereby
stopping advertisers high-jacking your site. Smart Tags never took off
and there's really no point in including the above meta tag.

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Have you e-mailled tech support for Webber32?


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Re: What is this ?

Ruud wrote:
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