what is the proper styling convention?

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<div class="one">
  <div class="item">data</div>
<div class="two">
  <div class="item">data</div>

In this example I want to have "item" showing as one color in "one".
Then in "two"showing as another color.
How is this done properly?

Re: what is the proper styling convention?

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The trouble with examples is that it's hard to determine what the
general rule is.  To apply a style to all elements with class "item" that
are descendents of an element with class "two", you'd write

  .two .item { ... }

(and analogously for class "one").  But all of these selectors work as

  .two div
  .two > .item
  div.two .item
  .two div:first-child

and so on and so on.  The "best" solution depends on exactly what the
divs represent.


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