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Re: What is the equivalent Hex ?

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well, I have not been following closely the context of all this
but if it were to promote such a thing then I am sure it would be
bad and you would be quite right to point this out.

But the real question is: Does it promote sloppy colouring? The
answer to this depends on what the "it" in the last question
refers to: if it refers to a person who mindlessly fixes to use
*only* 3 numbers always, then yes, you are right. But at the cost
of strawmaning your target.

If the "it" refers to someone who sees no point in going #ffffff;
when they can type #fff; but who has and succumbs to frequent
desires to use such as #FFDEAD (NavajoWhite), then your case is
not advanced.

Perhaps the tendency to short form the colours does invite a lazy
tendency in some people? But, you, being aware of the problem
will not succumb. Be a devil and use the short where you can and
not where you want nicer...

There is an argument to say you should use the shorter. It is
this: if you don't you will spend more time typing and reading
longer code and this will sap energy that could be better devoted
to choosing really nice colours when it would be appropriate.

So, in other words, and to sum up, without any empirical evidence
one way or the other, it is as likely that your colour judgements
could be impaired by going one way as it is by going the other


Re: What is the equivalent Hex ?

Well bust mah britches and call me cheeky, on Fri, 02 Nov 2007 07:03:29
GMT dorayme scribed:

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Well, I still don't like it.  Besides what I said before, it can be
confusing.  Some people may mis-take #bbb as #b0b0b0 instead of #bbbbbb,
and that could cause a lot of bo in the flower shop.  I just don't think
such a "shortcut" is worth it for 3 miserable digits.

Bone Ur
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Re: What is the equivalent Hex ?

Bone Ur wrote:
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But of course.  :)

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Re: What is the equivalent Hex ?

Blinky the Shark wrote:
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Even Netscape 4.x supported it. I don't know of any browser that doesn't.


Re: What is the equivalent Hex ?

Scripsit Reshma:

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Then read a good book on them, starting from HTML.

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Just ignore it.

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What's the point in asking it here? If you tried to learn math, would you
frequent Usenet groups, asking people to tell you how much 16 + 68 is?

The point is that virtually any tutorial on CSS (even the crappy ones) tell
you the various ways to specify colors and how they relate. Did you intend
to manage without reading a single tutorial? Well, then you will probably
copy and imitate crappy code like the one you quoted (apparently setting
some links to a fixed color without setting background).

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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