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Re: What does your implementation process look like?

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I have a boss that I have been "working" with for many years.  From
someone  who wanted to have pop-unders (http://tinyurl.com/ysnmf8 ) to
someone who sent a list of validation errors the "deziner" for one of
her charities, it's been a long, slow ride.

She still uses IE6, and I think she feels like it's like an old pair of
slippers, comfortable for her, but full of holes and threadbare.  Still
insists that any link off site has to be opened in a new window.  I'm
gradually weaning her over to FF (Opera is just too confusing for her at
this point), and when I do, I will introduce mouse gestures - new
windows for off site links will then disappear.

She understands that sites are not going to look exactly the same across
browsers.  She has a really good eye for color and balance.  She thinks
that I'm too concerned about Everyone being able to use a site - she
says that who ever you are trying to reach is all you have to worry
about, and that the percentage of others is too low to worry about.

When doing a site, I usually get colors from her.  Then I make a lorum
ipsum page with the CSS in the style element.  We go back and forth
until we both agree it looks good, and then I start doing the back end.  
Depending on the complexity, a few more days of development and testing,
and then time for one more approval before it goes onto a production
server.  She's happy, and proud to tell others that her site works
across browsers, doesn't have validation errors, and thanks to her,
looks good.

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Arbpen Web Site Design Services
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