What are they trying to achieve ?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, if it isn't please  
save the vitriol and kindly point me in the right direction. Much obliged.

Over the past 12 weeks or so I have noticed a large number of requests  
coming from what I assume are Eastern European countries (often ending  
in 'stan' for example). They only ever request the root context (/),  
don't appear to try any funny stuff or navigate the site and simply let  
the session time out. Sometimes they come in batches of 30 or 40  
sessions at a time, sometimes they appear in ones and twos.

It appears that this has done wonders for my Google rankings. My  
business has almost doubled this last three weeks with nost conversions  
coming from Google searches.

However, we all know that nothing's for nothing these days. Does anybody  
have any idea what these one hit wonders are trying to achieve?

Many TIAs


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