Weird link question (two different hosts) for guestbook

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My friend has free space on two hosts. One bit of hosting space ( site
1 - no MySQL database access) comes with his broadband connection and
they only allow him to FTP with his home connection. So, I am not able
to upload changes to his site unless I am using his wireless connection
at his house. No good if travelling etc. He also has his site (2) as
backup on a place that gives free space (but no MySQL etc.) but can FTP
to it from anywhere. I am hosting his guestbook (MySQL database and php
file) on my space. If anyone clicks on a guestbook link from his page,
it goes to a page on my site (while looking like his site design) so
people can access the gb.
The problem is this: Because it is free hosting (site 2), he's at the
bottom of the totem-pole for service/uptime etc., and sometimes has
problems and he can't make changes because they have stopped access
If his domain name is pointing to site 2 and it is down (and he makes
changes to point it to site 1), is there an automated way (script etc.)
that the gb page could "detect" that the domain name is now pointing to
site 1 instead of site 2 instead of having to constantly switch the
links in the pages? The reason I ask is because I might not be able to
make changes and if he just switches the domain forwarding, it would be
great if the guestbook could always work whether it is coming from site
1 or site 2.
I hope this makes sense and somone can assist.
Thanks very much.

Re: Weird link question (two different hosts) for guestbook

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<snip free hosting situation>

Best advice for your friend, pay a little be and get some real hosting
with the features and uptime he needs. There is a lot of choices out
here that is really very affordable especial if all you need is a a
simple MySql db and reasonable server space and bandwidth. Many
'personal' packages $3-5/mo! The "free" ones are add supported and with
all the pop-up ads are not recommended.

Take care,


Re: Weird link question (two different hosts) for guestbook

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Yeah - I'd agree with you on that - just that $ is tight for them right
now! That is why we were looking for other options.
Thanks for the comments.

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