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Re: Cheers guys

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Hi Chad
The messing about altering the code etc is no big bother as I am not doing
it to make money (fortunately) but it is all a learning curve. Seeing as I
have had no tuition of any description I don't think I do too bad.

I have put the Index page back on and fully validated as per recommendations
from everyone.


Re: Cheers guys

With neither quill nor qualm, Borrox quothed:

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It takes time to learn html (etc.) well.  Believe me, everybody starts
out wrong.  Everybody.  Even if their markup is more-or-less correct, it
is misused/misapplied/inefficient or otherwise turkeyish (-
Thanksgiving's coming).  We all look back on our early efforts and
chuckle ironically.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Properly Validated

OK, so I have now validated the site.

I would like if you have the time to give it another whirl to see what you
about layout, colours etc etc

Many thanks for all your help.


Re: Properly Validated

Borrox wrote:

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OK, but that doesn't fix any of the problems.  :-(

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Go here:
and enter the link to:

1,279,259 bytes ???

You need to break that up into a separate page for each category. Users
going back to the main page, and clicking on another category get to
download the whole 1.3 megabytes all over again. Those on dialup will be
gone soon.

The main page:  you have small bold justified text, very hard to read.
You have antiquated HTML markup. Look up CSS /

The graphic "buttons" in the center of the page seem to duplicate the
links just below them. Use one or the other.

Validating with Traditional (~1995 markup) isn't anything to brag about,
and your visitors won't care about the W3C logo, so remove it. Better
you switch to 4.01 Strict and validate with that. Use the full doctype
as well, see:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
   " ">

Pages with everything centered always say to me:  Amateur.
Sorry, but it's true.

   -When motorcycling, never follow a pig truck

Re: Website Test

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Hi Nig, looked at your site. Just a few remarks, you may or may
not find them helpful:

The tag <FONT> is deprecated and should no longer be used. It is
suggested CSS be used instead. (To use a well known phrase).

The main text is a bit hard to read against the speckly blue
background. Frankly I did not like the background (but I am a
bit severe on these things, I prefer plain white mainly or
simple colours, they look better to me mostly. But your black on
this is almost certainly a mistake and especially since for no
reason i can see chose a smaller than normal font. Why would
anyone who has set their machines to read normal font want to
read your main spiel at less than normal?)

A little bit slow on loading on dialup but perhaps just
acceptable (it would be somehow nice if you could get the top
banner to load first rather than last as on my connection, I was
dying to see it!)

I know it is tempting but there is not much reason for tables
for layout on your site.

About layout, I do think the info is unnecessarily spread out.
You might consider using the width of the area available better
and make the whole thing more compact.

Lose the W3C logo, anyone that knows what it is will not be
impressed and those who don't won't have a clue anyway. Make a
nice big print of it and have it on your own wall in front of
your desk... :)

I offer this before I look - with mixed feelings - at what other
members of this shark club say. :)

Boy or boy did I tremble for you when I saw your invitation...
There is something wrong with me I think, I feel like a ring
attendant at a Roman gladiator contest (where the lions are
about to be let in...).


Re: Website Test

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Seems my fears for you, little lamikin, were unfounded...
replies to you have been good and decent and I have shed tears
here at the goodness of it all... (pardon me... maybe the pack
have found a juicier thing to circle and are distracted at the
moment? As I swim in the ocean a lot, I always take a guilty
comfort from seeing others around, especially further out...)

I notice your site still has all the things I imagined as

Re: Website Test

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Hi Dorayme
As I have mentiond to Barbara de Zoete I will be making massive changes
based on and around everyone's comments. I was extremely suprised and
impressed with the replies I have received, and all of helpful advise.
The site will remain online until I have completely re-worked the site,
1. Change background colour from a tile to a solid colour
2. Remove the Validation icon in bottom left.
3. Remove the tables. (That seems daunting but such is life)
4. The 'small' text near the top I will either remove or enlarge.
5. The whole site I will compress for speedier loading and lower bandwidth.
6. How do I make the site logo load first?
As I said to Barbara de Zoete I am a newbie to websites. I created one about
4 years ago and taught myself HTML (very basic) and sinvce then I have done
nothing until I got Dreamweaver and I thought all my prayers had been
asnwered and that it would do it all for me and as many have pointed out I
need to have some understanding of HTML to properly understand DW.
Anyway, thanks to you and everyone else for the constructive help and advice
(and brilliant links) I ought now produce a 'good' website.
Many thanks

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