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I'm assigned to do a reorganisation of a website.  It's a website that
has been grown over the years.  All the pages are static HTML-pages, and
added when they thought it would be necessary to provide some more
information.  Therefore it is now grown to a maze of webpages, without a
good structure.  The purpose is to make it somewhat structured and
better organized.

To give you an idea: the current sitemap has about 230 links, all to
static html pages. That existing sitemap is maintained manually, so
there is no guarantee that it is complete and without errors

I'm looking for a tool that can discover the structure of an existing
website.  For example some tool that can generates a report containing
all the links on every  page.  

It would be nice if it could generate a diagram with all the pages as
blocks and a connection between 2 blocks if there is a link on the first
page to the second one.  But that is considered optional.  The main
purpose is to find out how the links are going between the pages

At the moment, I can't find something else then a sitemap generator, but
that doesn't give all the links between pages.


Re: website structure discovery tool

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Homesite contains a tool that can display links between documents in a
graphical tree view, or in a expandable node tree, but restructuring a
static site is manual work, I don't see how a structure reporting tool
would help with that.

For discovering orphaned files you could use the link checker Xenu link
sleuth: Note that Xenu like
most orphan file checkers fails to spot certain files being used such as
images linked from css and javascript files.

Topstyle can also report orphan files, note that it can't handle
multiple css classes.


Re: website structure discovery tool

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Of course I'll do the reorganisation manually. Probably also make it
dynamic to be better maintainable

The purpose of the tool is just to get an instant overview of what the
current structure is, because the website and the organization itself is
completely new to me


Re: website structure discovery tool

Jan831 wrote:
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Hey, I resemble that comment!

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Visio Professional comes close but no cigar AFAIK.
It creates a diagram of the structure of the physical files.

Theoretically, it should be able to sitemap for you. In reality,
it probably doesn't :) . It would be good it if could list all the links
on any given page.

But it's always good to have documentation of the physical structure.


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