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Anyone know of an exe file I can get that will launch index.html in the
default browser? I could make one in Macromedia Director but I would then
have to put their logo on the CD-ROM and comply with their license.

Re: Website on CD-ROM

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How bout autorun.inf and have it load up the index.html file, that'll launch
in default browser.

As far as an EXE file goes, it seems dumb, because for that to load
automatically you need to have autorun.inf set to the EXE file.

You can find your own 'code' to put in the autorun.inf (by copying it from
something you have with an autorun.inf).

Either way, I don't think Linux will read the autorun.inf, so Linux users
will have to load their own index.html.

You can put a dummy index.html on the root of the CD-ROM, sort of like you
have a index.html file, an autorun.inf file, and a HTML directory.  The
index.html on the root simply loads a frame with 100% width and 100% height,
transparent to users, and it loads the \HTML\index.html file.  Good thing
about this is now anybody who has Linux (or has disabled Autorun for that
matter) will be able to quickly find the index.html file and with only 3
choices will likely choose that.

Anyways...if your site is <185mb with graphics and everything (remember
websites on CD-ROM can't have any PHP or PERL scripts unless you feel like
getting a web server to run on that disc too), you can use the smaller 3"
CDs, which might make you look cooler to anybody who gets a copy, and it
fits in your pocket ;)

Re: Website on CD-ROM

Christopher R wrote:
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Assuming Windows/PC,  put a file called autorun.inf in the root directory of
your CD with the following:


You can produce that in notepad - it's plain text.

Make sure that index.html - or whatever your opening page is called - is in
the same directory. Job done.

For situations other than Windows/PC, you'd do best to tell them to navigate
to the index.html file and open it - and anyone with autorun turned off will
need to do that as well.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Website on CD-ROM

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Your question has already been answered by others, but I just had a little
suggestion. If your CD is just to be used on Windows, you can use an HTA
(HTML Application) to make the interface not look like a browser. This makes
the whole thing look so professional, and if you're careful you can just
only set the HTA to autostart on Windows, and let other platform users just
use their browser like normal. It's pretty simple and might be worth the
effort. Check out:

Re: Website on CD-ROM

Thanks for all the input.
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