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Re: Website charging

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150 for "designing" a "page" isn't a bad deal. The trouble is that
"the page" is a lousy metric for the effort involved.  What does a SW
England web spod get these days ?  15/hour ?   A whole day's work on
doing the design work for a page from scratch is easily added up, if
your client changes their mind or quibbles a detail.

A one page site is easy - no navigation. The HTML takes minutes and
the rest of the effort is down to "the design" of "the look" which can
take any amount of time, depending on how you do it and what they

2-7 pages is quite cheap, because navigation can be a simple one-axis
menu and it's recycling the expensive one-off design work you've
already done with only a small amount of cheap text added. A CSS
stylesheet can easily take as much work as a dozen flat HTML pages
without any layout - the incremental cost per page becomes tiny

8-36 pages is a little more, because you need two levels of menu
structure and that brings in enough content management hassle that a
minor layout change by the client can cause a lot of re-work and need
for re-testing.

Over 50 pages and you're into databases. Now you have to judge
complexity before quoting. Most of my pages cost several thousand
_each_, but then that one dynamic page might be running almost an
entire site.

The mailer form is a no-cost add-on, because a commercial developer
has already solved the tech of providing these on their previous
sites.  If you do charge a price for it, it'll be small   (I'd
probably bundle it into the basic package deal).

try too

Re: Website charging

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"That bad?" That's not even minimum wage. I sincerely hope no one is
charging such a miniscule amount, as that completely undercuts the rest of
the web designers trying to make a living.

That's a burger flipper's wage, not a web designer's.


-- /

Re: Website charging

Geoff Ball wrote:
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That danger is not so big I believe, because not too many people out
there would be able to design web pages for that kind of money. I'd
rather mow somebody's lawn for that kind of money.

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I agree completely. In fact, it's not even burger flipping wage, because
it is impossible to design, program, upload, and test a webpage in just
an hour, which you would have to do just to get to burger flipping wage.
It's okay if you're a beginner and all you're doing is some template
adjustment of already existing pages, so you can do ten to twenty pages
an hour. That's basically just manual labor. But for "designing" a
page... Not a chance.

Nicolai Zwar
(we're late, we know, and we're still closed)

Re: Website charging

Blindsya wrote:
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No flat out answer is possible. How much work are you investing and how
much is your time and ultimately your effort worth?
A suit designed by Giorgio Armani costs more than one designed by John
Doe. Also, what is it that you are doing? Just the HTML code? Or will
you design the layout of the page(s), too? And the graphics as well?

Nicolai Zwar
(we're late, we know, and we're still closed)

Re: Website charging

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It is not the ease of the task, but the willingness of others to pay you for
your expertise.

I put a lot of time into designing a website, so I charge US $150 for the first
page and $100 for each additional page, plus $50 per maintenance session.

I base this on the needs of my daily income of about $100, for my cost of
living -- which I need to calculate more accurately.

Figure out what your Annual/Monthly budget is:

Start by paying your self first:
Add in a Savings goal of about $200 per month, 30-days of holiday/vacation per
year at about $50/day or $1500.  Annual Savings plus vacation expense equals

Add costs for your Mortgage/Rent(s), utilities, food, sundries, clothing,
insurance, vehicle (fuel and maintenance), entertainment, tools, hobbies,
subscriptions, etc., and a miscellaneous of $100 per month.

Add dependents/pets expenses.

Divide the sum by 2000 hours, or 12-months,  or 30 days (or 22-days), then
divide the daily amount by 8,  10 or 12, to get your hourly rate. You might
even want to average the three rates, to get your number.

You might charge USD $1,050 for the ten-page site, but is that enough?

How much should you earn per day, in order to afford what you need/desire?

How much should you charge for one hour of your labor, in order to afford the
lifestyle, and savings goal, that you desire?

 You might charge USD $1,050 for the ten-page site, but is that enough?

How many websites do your need to do --or average -- a month?  

Consider there will be months, when people don't need a website, or your
services, so while you are out marketing your business, you will need to draw
on savings, to pay your minimimized budget.

Gerry Nance
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