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A friend of mine asked me to make a tool which will let her print
graph paper with cells of chosen size. I want to make a php script to
output a table with cells being a given size to yeild graphpater when
webpage is printed. What I need to know is:

what is a printable area width and height of a webpage? I do realize
that the height part is somewhat hard to judge because webpage can go
on and on and on.... What is a pizel resolution of webpage in relation
to printer resolution? If user has his desktop resolution set to say
1024x768 vs user who has resolution set 800x600 if i put a table with
width 90% will this table when printed by both users occupy 90% of the
page width?

How does this analogy apply to cell height?

Thanks ahead

Re: Webpage printable area

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Use CSS, and use length units of mm (or points for font sizes).
Normally we always advocate using length units of ems for "fluid
design" on screen, but this sort of printing application is where it's
appropriate to use these absolute units.

You can't control the print margins of where a web pages' canvas is
placed on the paper. Nor can you control the paper size selected for
printing. You need to have the user set this manually in their
browser. If they're using IE though, MeadCo's ScriptX ActiveX control
can set this for you automatically.

Re: Webpage printable area

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Thank you

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