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I am looking for a way to add a web-wide Search Process to my Community Web

I design and maintain a Community website for Worthington, Minnesota that is
hosted on spunkyworld.com servers ( wgtn.net)

Presently I have been using the FREE services of atomz to provide a Search
Process for JUST the Business Directory ( roughly200 to 250 documents). But,
this FREE option has limitations on page count that do not allow it to be
implemented on the whole web site ( over 500 documents)without substantial
monthly charges.

I am not a techy person and rely upon simple processes that are easy to
implement and troubleshoot.

Tho I do use FrontPage for design and authoring, and tho it does have a
Search Process, it is not clear to me that it will be able to include
subwebs and ignore those subwebs that are not to be indexed as part of
wgtn.net. My questions to the Frontpage newsgroup on this issue have not
brought forth any useful insights.

There are folders/directories that I DO want indexed and some I DONT want
indexed because they are not a public part of wgtn.net ( they are material
for an firm, or an alumni group separate from wgtn.net)

Therefore, if I want to expand the Search process on wgtn.net from JUST the
Business directory to include the rest of the Community website and yet
EXCLUDE certain folders/directories . . I need to look beyond Atomz and
beyond FrontPage facilities.

One possible option that I found is a CGI script provided by Boutell:
http://www.boutell.com/search /. But, even there, I am not sure it will
discriminate between folders that should be indexed and those that shouldnt
be indexed.

What do you suggest for a web site search process?

Re: Web site Search Process question

rfr wrote:
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I use Google on my site.  Most people are familiar with it and it's
totally free.  For info on preventing Google from indexing:


Ed Mullen
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Re: Web site Search Process question

I dont want to totally remove some of these directories/folders from any
Google search results.

I am looking for a search process to be used EXCLUSIVELY from WITHIN
wgtn.net, and not available on the world-wide-web.

 I do want to "focus" the search results that would be requested from WITHIN
Worthington Community Internet (www.wgtn.net), to include only parts of
Worthington Community Internet ( excluding certain folders that contain
documents for local firms or community groups that do not include standard
Worthington Community Internet headers or footers and would seem off target
to visitors).
Or, in another case, be able to give a visitor the ability to search ONLY
the Business Directory (www.wgtn.net/Business)

Atomz was providing this on site search facility for JUST the Business
directory pages. But, is too costly a process to be used for the total web

I didnt see anything on the Google web site that looked like they provided
this type of service. It looks like these are methods to limit access to a
web site from the world-wide-web ( outside the web site), not from within a
web site.

Did I miss something?

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Re: Web site Search Process question

Hi -

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If you have a lot of pages but they are small, you might be able to
use FreeFind's free search service.  The free service has no page
limit, but is limited to 32MB.

See http://www.freefind.com/plans.html

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with FreeFind in any way other than
being a relatively satisfied user of their free search service.

http://www.kensims.net /

Re: Web site Search Process question

I finally found some firms, like FreeFind and am thinking over what they
offer and require.

It is hard to figure out whether the 32 MB limit is a small one or a liberal
one. I have just over 500 documents, but it is hard ot add up JUST the html
file sizes becasue they are intermixed with image files, etc.

I think the 32 MB limit is for the file used to store the index of keywords,
rather than the sum of all the sizes of all the documents searched ( which
would include image sizes etc).

How many documents are in your web site and how close are you to the FreFind
32 MB limit?

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Re: Web site Search Process question

Hi -

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When I redid my primary site and moved it to a different domain, I
changed my FreeFind definition so now only one small section is

Before that, I had around 300 pages indexed, of which 200+ averaged
around 25-30KB, so the whole site would have been less than 10MB of
indexed material.

http://www.kensims.net /

Re: Web site Search Process question

Thanks for the info.

It seems like my 500 to 600 pages should be well witin their 32 MB limit

It is good to know that!

Thanks again.

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