Web Page = High CPU Usage?

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I am accessing the 'net w/ IExplorer via a small LAN  and Comcast cable. I
run PC Magazine's Cookie Cop, and basic Zone Alarm.

When I access this web page:


my CPU usage for the IExplorer process goes to over 90% (as reported by NT
4.0's task manager) and stays there until I close the page. All other 'net
operations function as expected. Can someone tell me if this is inherent to
this page, or is there something on my end that I can do to stop this
behaviour. I've saved the page's HTML, and looked at it, but cannot see a
reason for this to be happening.

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Re: Web Page = High CPU Usage?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Firebird peaks at 87% while the page is loading, but my IE6 tops out at
10% then drops to zero once the page has loaded.  It is a long page,
with many animated graphics, so maybe your graphics card could do with

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Re: Web Page = High CPU Usage?

Jerry L. Gubka wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

After a long time loading the main content it's busy loading a midi file
(robnhood.mid). Don't know how long this takes, my browser is not set up
to accept midi files so I need to save to disk if I want it (which I

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