Web Design process based on intermediate testing module

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It is better to test the performance of your web design which may
include testing user freindliness, testing HTML and CSS for errors ,
Calculating UX of design or any other step which lead your website
towards great website design.

I have seen designer getting frustrated when it comes to testing web
design with above prospect at the end of completing design and if
changes occurred by data analyst who made analysis of web design.

When any web design requirement comes, normal process induces gathering
requirement, researching about industry and start building design of
small elements and combining them at the end.

But the process based on measurement, require gathering feedback from
others, analyzing changes with A/B testing and measuring its
effectiveness by making different designed things live for certain time
period to see its impact.

One more benefits of this kind of module is it reduce your tie and
efforts which would require after finishing the design. Things like
checking browser compatibility, validating HTML & CSS, Checking
compatibility on various device got resolved while its implementation.

So this kind of process include verifying things whether they work
perfectly or not parallel with its implementation.

Whats your view on above ?


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