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I have just found an opportunity to design and maintain a website for a
major Renaissance fair.

My problem is I don't know how much to charge. What are going rates for
design. For maintenance.

Would anyone  have any suggestions?
Is there a place to go   read about  this?

More than answering the question, there has to be someplace you can tell
me to go and find out for myself. I just don't know the names.


Re: Web Design Pricing

In article

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There are no very useful standards...

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You can charge by the hour or by quotation or by both. The latter
can be something like you cap the price. You say that it is
unlikely to go for more than such and such given the brief but it
could be less. You decide what the minimum rate is that you would
work for and assess the maximum time it could take you.

And then you decide what is the maximum you can charge that is
consistent with your assessment of how good you are, how ethical
it would be if they are naive, distracted or otherwise beholden
to you.

You should make it very plain that the cap is conditional on them
supplying you with material you need (text, pics) in timely
fashion etc.

Can you please send me $10 if you find the above useful or use
any of it in your thinking. And that goes for anyone else who is
nosey enough to be reading this. <g>


Re: Web Design Pricing

dorayme wrote:

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If charging per project, be very specific exactly what your rate covers and
what things will cost extra -- and spell it out in the written contract.
People who don't know about web design will ask you to do things that they
consider part of the project, which you consider to be extra work.
Miscommunication can lead to bad situations where both sides justifiably
think they are right.

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