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I am developing a web Application using the Indy Components httpserver.
 What I need help with is my reports and being able to email them in
some way or the other.

I considered the following few options and my concerns with each one of
them and would appreciate some help.

1.  SMTP - Dial up will have to connected to work.
2.  MAPI - Will not work under linux
3.  Using IE send page by email - not available under Firefox.
4.  Saving file as .eml but then no suppert for Office Outlook.

Any suggestion?

Thank you

Re: Web Application

winstontuck@gmail.com wrote:
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Okay, MS's bloatware philosophy has got you blinded. Yes MS packs
everything into IE, "It a web browser! A file management tool! A FTP
client!  A floor wax! A tire iron! ... A hacker's wet dream! ..."

Firefox is the opposite, it comes stripped "out-of-the-box" with the
minimal amount of functionality. If you want it to do something more you
add it by extensions so your don't have to bloat your browser (or make
it less secure) with features which *you* personally would never use. As
to your item #3:

https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2343 /
Send Page By Email :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software

Moral to the story, if you find yourself says, "Boy I wish Firefox
did..." check and see if there is an extension first before stating
"Firefox cannot do..."

Take care,


Re: Web Application

Jonathan N. Little wrote:
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Hi Jonathan

thanks for the reply.  Firstly I am still new to web development and at
the moment are not really a fan of neither IE nor FF but they are the
leaders at the moment so I need to provide a solution for both.

Ok, lets asume the send page by email extension are reliable and
working well enough for my purposes, I am stil not sure how to get it
to respond the I want it to.

In IE(have not tried it in FF yet) if I click on Send Page by Email, it
send a request through to my web server again, can I prevent this from
happening and how?  Basically, I want to create a .mht file in my
server(this I do already with TIDMessage from Indy Components), display
this file at the client side and/or email from the client side with the
.mht file as attachment.

Thank you kindly

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