web 2.0 GUI Guidelines??

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I'm wondering if some of you have a link to an article which explain web 2.0
GUI Guidelines?  I would like to read it because I'm trying to develop a web
2.0 web site but fear I'm still using a web 1.0 user interface... so any
links about web 2.0 GUI Guidelines are very much welcome...



Re: web 2.0 GUI Guidelines??

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Web 2.0 is a meaningless marketing phrase.

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An important aspect of UI design is that it should be as obvious as
possible to a user how to use various UI elements, independent of the
application used. An OS drawing UI elements that can be used by various
applications plays an important part to achieve such. The trend where
individual applications are individually "skinned" results in many
different UIs to be learned by a user, this goes against the
aforementioned UI design guideline.

A similar UI construction method is often advocated by "web 2.0"
proponents, instead of presenting a UI with web page elements like
underlined links that people are familiar with, the aim is to make it
"not look like a web page". Like skinned locally installed applications
there is no common interface being strived for, resulting in most "web
2.0 application" looking and working very differently.

There are a few occasions creating a custom UI has benefits that
outweigh the drawbacks. However those are the exceptions to the rule.


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