wap phone call w/ hidden number

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We are developing a website which enables people to contact each other
by phone,
though we do not want to give away their actual phone number (to
prevent harrasments).

Is it possible to send an sms to one's mobile phone with a wap link
which would dynamically load the recepient's phone number without
actually revealing the phone-number but still enable the call?


Re: wap phone call w/ hidden number

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I'm not really familiar with mobile-phone protocols, which are likely
more "closed" than Web / Internet protocols in terms of ability for
user-agents to do things with the sent data different from what the
sender intended, but I kind of doubt it anyway; if it's sending the
phone number to the user's phone in order to cause it to make a phone
call, I doubt there's any way to hide what the number actually is; it
would likely show up in "recently placed calls" lists on the phone,
and most likely the user would be shown the number and required to
confirm it when placing the call in the first place (otherwise, you
could have nasty scams where a script / website would cause a call to
be silently initiated to a pay-per-call number or an overseas location
that would cost the user a lot of money).

I think the only way to hide the number would be to place the call
remotely at the server end, so that the end user only connects to your
number, which in turn relays it to the real number.


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