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I'm trying to track down a weird data anomaly - basically somewhere
between the textarea that I enter data in and the cgi that's processing
the post data, it seems some carriage return characters are being added
to the newlines.

As everything is running on linux boxes of various flavours, this is
confusing me.

Without firing up something like wireshark, is there any way to view the
post data that firefox is sending to the remote server?

The problem seems to occur with multiple browsers, so I'm guessing it
might either be (a) some proxy running under an ms os between me and the
server, (b) apache on the server, or (c) the cgi handling code that
passes the form data to my code on the server. Unfortunately I don't have
access to debug apache on the server. :(


Denis McMahon

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One could set a form to get rather then post to view what is being sent. So
when %0D%0A is present80=A6

I think you may see that the browser is sending crlf.

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