very weird mac bug

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i am experiencing an extremely wierd bug on mac. i have created this
page from scratch using dreamweaver ( /).
it validates. the problem is that if you click on more than one link
before the page has time to reload the page will hang.

i am using  mac osx 10.5.2. the problem happens in firefox, safari,
flock and opera. most other sites/pages appear to work fine
(,, etc.). The problem does not happen on a pc. i
have been able to recreate the problem using different computers,
using different service providers. I am stumped.

I am wondering if others get the same problem. Or if anyone has any
ideas what could be behind this? Thanks very much in advance from any

Re: very weird mac bug

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Nor can I reproduce on a Mac, Safari 2 and FF 2 on Tiger and broadband.
Yes, your url validates; more than can be said for the destination of
the links.

You used different ISPs and different computers. Different OSs? Like
Tiger vs Leopard? PowerPc vs Intel?

Tried changing the destination of the links to very simple valid pages
and seen if it still happens on your main machine?



Re: very weird mac bug

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Nor can I with iCab on MacOs 10.4.11.


Re: very weird mac bug

On Jul 5, 11:11=A0am, wrote:
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Thanks for the input. The only way we found out about the problem is
that users wrote to us complaining about the problem. Not sure what to
do at this point. I'm stumped.

Re: very weird mac bug

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Re: very weird mac bug

When I create another simple page, and link from this one. It seem ok.
So may be I will try to find out why it happen with my site
(, can it be the javascript that cause the

Re: very weird mac bug

PS: It work fine in Localhost.

Re: very weird mac bug


It cause by sessioin_start(). When I delete it, everything work fine.

Thanks you for your help!

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