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I was wondering how to redirect a page with JavaScript.  Also any other help
with Java, HTML/DHTML or anything would be helpful.  I am creating a website
for our church and our homeschool.
Also, I was thinking for the church site if it would be sort of appropiate
to use Flash on the site.  I have been to other church sites that
incorporate Flash/Shockwave into it.

AND, any suggestions as to where I should host these sites would be most

Thanks in advance for any help,

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Re: VERY Noob question says...
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document.location.href = "newpage.htm";

It's not really a redirect, though.

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Why Java or DHTML?  Start off with getting the basics right.  Only a
Stupid would jump in to DHTML and the like before getting an
understanding of HTML.

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Sort of appropriate?  Why?

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Perhaps they've all got it wrong.  Typical newbie mistakes, no doubt.

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How much do you want to pay?

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Re: VERY Noob question

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I forgot to mention that I know a good bit of HTML, and I am currently
working up on my Java.  I don't care much to learn DHTML.

For the church I'm not to sure, but any price with good service would be

I'm glad that newbies here don't get trashed for not knowing how to program
a whole site....

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Re: VERY Noob question

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Is that a chuch service ;-)


Re: VERY Noob question wrote:

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It is if they're using Holy Text Markup Language.

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Re: VERY Noob question

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 22:56:04 +0000, tromboneguy98 wrote:

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Well, they do. Just that you didn't....yet.

In any case, the points of others are pretty good.  I'll add my US$0.02

Wanna make a website? Well, often what gets overlooked by n00bs are the
NON-technical aspects of making a site which are in many ways *FAR* more
important than the technical aspects.

What is the site for?
What is the target audience?
Where is the content? Do you have a brochure or flyer or preexisting print
material on which the content can be based or is it all being written from
Who is preparing the content?
Who will maintain it?
HOW will it be maintained?
Do you need any actual readable content or should the site really be just
a quick list of resources. (Are there going to be *articles* on the site
or just a list of names, phone numbers, addresses, directions, events, etc.)

Why on earth would you WANT to put a Flash movie/image/moving thing on a
church site? Really? What purpose would it serve?

A website is a vehicle for *information* at its core.  Some websites have
information that is conducive to fancy-shmancy things like Macromedia
Flash, such as entertainment industry sites (e.g. music, TV, movie, humor
or similar sites).  MOST WEBSITES DO NOT NEED FLASH.

Allright, have fun. Don't hurt yourself.

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Re: VERY Noob question

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You gotta get used to Google.   A quick google of "javascript redirect"
showed me a page with this:
<!-- Script courtesy of - Your Guide to
Professional Web Site Design and Development
window.location=" /";
// -->
Just put it in the <head> and there you go.  That having been said, why
depend on someone's browser.  There are other ways to do that.   Even a
simple meta refresh would do it..

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Yeegads!!!!   Why is everyone hot for Flash all of a sudden?   Macromedia
must have had a sale on it.   While it might have it's uses, it doesn't seem
to make sense for a church.  Would scare the bejesus out of me..

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A church site won't get any high traffic.   Why not just some reliable but
kinda cheap hosting company?   Maybe in the country the church is in...

Re: VERY Noob question

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 21:56:04 GMT, "tromboneguy98"

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You don't.  You do this with stuff on the server (scripts or config
files) or in extremis you do it with the <meta> in HTML. But using
JavaScript would always be the worst way.

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OK, ignore Java.

There's an awful lot of stuff that's more useful to learn before you
learn Java. Learn Java by all means, but you should get yourself
pretty hot on _good_ HTML, CSS and even Apache config before you go
near server-side scripting.  Then look at PHP, because it's easier to
find cheap hosting for it, and only then look at Java.

Java has no use on the client-side. That idea just didn't happen.
There's a few uses for applets as zoomable map viewers and the like,
but these are really pretty rare.  There's more desktop Java around
these days as desktop programs, not web applets.

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Then first of all learn some project management, and the noble art of
defining feature sets.  Don't even ask "What should this site do ?",
instead ask "Why should this site do anything ?"   Focus on people who
care about using this site, and things that are of benefit to them. Do
those things, not things you think would "look nice".

Obvious candidates are pretty trivial really:   A "we exist and here
we are" page. Contact details and phone numbers for people. A link to
a map service (or a grabbed image) for those who are trying to locate
you.  Diaries of upcoming events. Pictures of past events (people love
to see themselves "on the web", but be careful that anyone you
photograph is happy for you to do this).  Organisational calendars of
flower arranging rotas and choir practice. On-line copies of parish

Putting the parish magazine on-line may save you enough postage to pay
for all the hosting.

RSS feeds may be useful for diary stuff.

It might even be useful to install bulletin board code, like phpBB.
Your congregation might take to this. It's also a good way to publish
things easily thorugh it, like the calendars (just switch off the
discussion features and make a read-only conference)

Another valid benefit to a feature is the experience you gain in
building it. But don't let this cause you to build a feature onto a
site that's inappropriate for that site.

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Why?  What useful benefit does this Flash add to the people using your
site ?

If you want to learn Flash, then learn Flash.  But use this skill to
build something valuable, not just to impose some Flash on your church
site, because you think you'd like to.

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There's an old joke there about flies and their popular diet.

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It's a good idea to register a domain name, so you can move it arround
if you ever need to change it.  Make sure you register it yourself, so
that _you_ own it, not some cowboy hosting company.
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