vertically align absolutely positioned div elements

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On I have 2 div elements
underneath each other. But when I lower the font size (in Firefox: <ctrl>+-),
the lowest box slides in front of the upper box. How can I avoid this?

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Re: vertically align absolutely positioned div elements

Guybrush Threepwood wrote:
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No idea why it does what it does, but the fix is easy: don't
use absolute positioning with #menu and #searchbox, but
rather on a new containing div#foo:
<div id="foo">     <-- absolutely postioned
   <div id="menu">...</div>
   <div id="searchbox>...</div>  <-- add some margin-top

This is even better than the original solution because it
avoids the explicit top:18em on #searchbox, which would have
to be changed every time you change the contents of #menu.

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