Validating page with "embed" command

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After spending some time validating my webpages for transitional 4.01 HTML I
find that some pages of mine which contain the "embed" audio/video command fail
stubbornly to validate. For example, my music page:

fails because of the embedded music command:

<embed src="Fugue_BWV_999_g.mid" hidden="false" border="0" width="310"
height="16" autostart="true" autoplay="true" loop="false" volume="58%">

Is there any way to make this page pass the validation test?

Many thanks,
I.N. Galidakis

Re: Validating page with "embed" command

Scripsit I.N. Galidakis:

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That's no wonder, since the embed "command" does not belong to HTML 4.01
at all.

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That's user-unfriendly. I was listening to Sibelius on my computer, and
visiting your page, this gets intrerrupted by some BWV noise. At least
change "true" to "false".

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Surely; use a DTD that allows the embed element; e.g. with
modifying it with the attributes you consider as appropriate; see

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: Validating page with "embed" command

I.N. Galidakis wrote:
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1. Use the  object  element - this is the standards conforming method.
2. Use the  embed  element - non-standard but all browsers support it -
it was a Netscape proprietory element which W3C never recognized.

I was into this a few years back. Quite a bit out of touch now. I recall
some problems with IE/WMP problems requiring classid and having to nest
  embed  for others. The problem was that IE did not support this
properly. If the first encountered (object) is supported, then it should
do so and exit, but it would continue and also use  embed  resulting in
two renditions.

I found the easiest was to use  embed  and  the hell with validation.


Re: Validating page with "embed" command

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So what. Does the page work correctly?

Validation is a tool.  NOT a goal.

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