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Re: Using Html Tidy

2013-08-14 1:43, Neil Gould wrote:

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It is very different: my statement was about vagueness of a concept, a  
terminological statement, not a word used to characterize some reality  
or impressions.

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There’s nothing stretchy in saying that  “accepted standard” is a very  
vague concept, especially when discussing concepts around HTML and CSS.  
Both “standard” and “accepted” are vague here, as I described in my  
message. To prove my statement wrong, you would need to cite a  
definition for “standard” and criteria for being “accepted”.

It is common to call W3C Recommendations “standards”, but they aren’t. A  
standard, in the strictest sense of the word, denotes a document  
designated as a standard by an internationally or nationally recognized  
standards organization, such as ISO, CEN, DIN, ANSI, or IEC. The W3C  
Recommendations are very far from that.

What’s worse, people even call various drafts and even sketches  
“standards”. This has gone to the extremes in the WHATWG “Living HTML  
Standard”, which is a mutable document, typically changed daily, so  
today’s “standard HTML” in that sense can be absolutely nonstandard,  
obsolete, and forbidden tomorrow, or vice versa. It’s not really as bad  
as it sounds, but still, “living standard” is an oxymoron if there ever  
was one.


Re: Using Html Tidy

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Is that validated for PHP or Perl Standard
      or just HTML files on the WWW

 There is no accepted standard for validated.
                 If you use Mix-Codes
           Now did the Java with you

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