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Hi Folks,

I'm a programmer (not web or html, however).

I've been asked to create a relatively simple website. My skills in
html aren't advanced and I don't really wish to advance them, and I
don't have much experience. I can program in php but avoid it due to
the possibility of introducing security isssues from a lack of
(tedious) study (and because I don't like php).

I am hoping that Macromedia contribute is slick enough to help me put
together a simple website. However, the name doesn't give me
confidence, and the reviews suggest its for updating only; something
meatier is needed for initial creation.

Is that right? What I've briefly played with seemed to be able to

Perhaps the difference is that it is much more time-consuming to use
something like "Contribute" to create, than something like dreamweaver.

Any comments from the pros.

Where might I find "Contribute" to be a pain? Is it really only the
kinds of fancy things that simple business sites don't bother with


Ps don't bother looking at my site. I ruined it by trying out
Mozzilla's editor, and haven't bothered to do anything about it.

Re: Using Contribute to create a site

Greg wrote:
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You should at least consider the other commonly available
alternative, Perl.  A couple of hours searching and reading about
detainting data from visitors should take care of the security issues.
The module is also a great help with that problem.  It's all
easy enough.

If you host supports Python (not as common), that's a great alternative,
mbstevens /

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