Using Access to generate HTML code

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Hi all,

I'm using MS Access to generate html code that I export and paste into
a file for updating. I gather the information from the data source,
get it into Access so I can format the page according to the
administrators rules and then e-mail the updates. This system is
rather clunky and I'm sure it could be done more efficiently but this
is the way we do it.

I'd like advice on ways of getting a nicer code out of my access
report. There are many blank lines inserted between code. If there is
a more useful database that I could use please let me know what my
options are.


Re: Using Access to generate HTML code wrote:

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Which is?  How is it formatted?

Perhaps you could write a procedure that reads directly from that source
and outputs the necessary HTML in one easy step. Maybe PHP or similar
language. Depending on your server setup, the PHP could even email it
for you.

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Re: Using Access to generate HTML code

On 2009-04-12, Neredbojias wrote:
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    That, surely, is just a matter of setting up the report correctly.
    If access is unable to do that, pass the resulting HTML through
    some other utility to clean it up (or use software that isn't
    brain dead).

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    Which is what one would do if using Access or any other
    non-HTML-generating software to generate HTML. By getting it right
    once, you can be sure of having valid HTML every time.

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