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Hello group,

Have you ever thought about selling your content to mobile phone
users, too? Especially in Europe and Asia, wireless entertainment is
extremely popular, with a yearly turnover of around $2,5 billion in
2003 and 125 million sold devices. We offer you the opportunity to get
your share, without the need to invest in a system.

Through you can sell your content to your users and they
can view your content on their mobile phones so they are not tied to
their computers anymore.

You can make serious money with your unique content, and it's very
easy to set up, too! Our system can send all products (text, pictures,
games, audio and video) to any mobile phone in the world. Your
customers are billed through their phones, with SMS, a 1900 number, a
credit card or Paypal(tm).

To give a simple example:
If you send out a mailing every week to 10,000 users, your users can
also opt-in to receive this mailing on their mobile phone with premium
SMS. If 5% of your customers opt-in, you would send 500 premium SMS-es
every week, which would convert to around 1,000 dollars per month
which we will pay you within 2 weeks. You could also do this daily or
monthly, whatever you prefer.

The best thing is: Sharewire is FREE!

If you have any questions or if you want to try this service please

Thank you for your time,

Best regards,
Ivo Wentholt
Sharewire BV

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