URL encoding of non ASCII characters

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how do I have to encode non-ASCII characters like German Umlaute? I know how
to encode "normal problematic" characters like space and &. But what do I
have to do with these non-ASCII characters?


Re: URL encoding of non ASCII characters

Scripsit Hugo:

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Some browsers may support a URL encoding that is based on ISO-8859-1 or some
other assumed default, so that you would represent an Umlaut letter as an
octet (byte) by ISO-8859-1 and then encode the result as %xx where xx is the
code in hexadecimal.

However, the modern and official method is based on UTF-8. You first
represent an Umlaut letter as two octets by UTF-8, then encode both as %xx.


Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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