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somebody know how to let my webusers to upload their pictures to my web

can i use any html code or something??

please help!

Re: uploading pictures

beethovenofear wrote:
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Yeah, you need to create a form where your users can insert the picture
file off their local machine.... Then they could just hit submit and
post the image to your site. It would be adviseable that you perhaps
approve the images before uploading them. But it should not be that
hard at all.
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Re: uploading pictures

Chaddy2222 wrote:
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What about the server-side scripting to handle the upload and saving the
file?  There's a little more to it that creating a form.

http://kibo.org.uk /

Re: uploading pictures

Hywel Jenkins wrote in

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If you're happy to have the images uploaded to your server and then you
insert the images on the page, there are several "off the shelf" uploaders.

I've found this one to be excellent - and free.

Alright, it uses PHP but you don't need any prior knowledge - the readme.txt
file takes you through all the steps needed to configure it to your


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Re: uploading pictures

beethovenofear wrote:
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You need a form with a file input, and something (I'd write a mod_perl
module or CGI script in Perl) on the server to handle the submission. The
specifics depend on the capabilities of your webserver.

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