uploading file with "form post" and showing "please wait"..

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Hi all,

I really hope some user here got the "golden" tip for me.

I'm using the following part of code on one of my ColdFusion pages for users
to upload files. (same code example will also run in HTML)

<form name=upload_form action="upload.cfm" method="post"

filename: <input name = "file1" type= "file">

<input name="submitbutton" type="submit" value="okay">


I've been trying to get a page show an animated "please wait" gif as soon as
the user hit's "okay", but up till now no luck. (with onSubmit="dosubmit();"
and a bit of java code)
I think that it needs to be done in this 'form' code as when the upload is
done it will show the data on the "upload.cfm" file. To put the animated
"please wait" gif on the "upload.cfm" page would be to late :-)

Anyone here with a nice way of doing this?


PS.. Small note: It DOES NOT need to show the progress of the upload.. All
it needs to show is the animated gif!

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