Unwanted frame refresh/reload...

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Hello, folks!!

    I work at a helpdesk where we fix our web application for our
clients.  There is one case where a client is experiencing an
intermittent problem where he would type information into one form
(text area / text box) and each time he types in a character it causes
the left frame (i.e. menu) to refresh (e.g. flash white then slowly
fill up with menu items).  If this client logs out and logs back into
the application he doesn't have this problem.  It is happening enough
where it is annoying the client.

    This page is, of course, uses a frame set.  It is rendered in ASP
(i.e. Classic ASP).  All clients must use IE6 for this application
because no other web browsers are supported and most are using Windows
2000 or XP.

    Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour coming from IE?
    Is there a known cause / fix for this condition?


Re: Unwanted frame refresh/reload...

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Is there a URL? Is there some reason you are using a frameset?

ASP knows nothing about the client, so I would look at the client first.  
Does the page validate?  Does the CSS validate?  Are you using
javascript?  If so, is it valid as well?

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Re: Unwanted frame refresh/reload...

The site is a secure site so you wouldn't be able to view it for

The frames were put in by my predecessors - I can't change that but I
have to debug it.

It uses JavaScript for sure but not sure about the validation.  I'm
still a newbie at this job.

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